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VA Head Stone Markers

I work for the Department of Veteran Affairs and found out that there are no wicca markers for Veterans who pass away so I sent this e-mail and this was the response I received. I sent it Pete “Pathfinder” Arch Preist of the ATC for help.

Response (Dept of Veterans Affairs) 04/05/2005 08:24 AM
Dear Mr. Stearns;

Thank you for the inquiry concerning the Wiccan emblem.

We accept and review written requests, on a case-by-case basis, to include an organizations emblem on our approved list of emblems for Government headstones and markers.

In order for us to make a determination to include a suggested emblem on our approved list, the following information must be provided:

• A written request to include the specific emblem, signed by the recognized head of your organization,

• A brief description of your organization, with specific information, to include national officers, number of chapters, the total number of members and years of operation in the United States, and affiliation with other organizations,

• A 3-inch high reproducible, camera-ready copy of the requested emblem so that our contractors can determine if the emblem can be easily and clearly reproduced on a headstone or marker in a production-line environment.

Please address further correspondence to:

National Cemetery Administration
Memorial Programs Service (41A1)
810 Vermont Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20420

If we may be of further service, please contact us.


James D. Spear

Memorial Programs Service Veteran/Inquirer 04/04/2005 03:21 PM
To whom it may Concern:

I was looking at VA form 40-1330 and noticed that on the back of page 4 that there are 30 different Emblems of Belief. I myself am Wicca and a Veteran. I also know of several others who are both Wicca and Veterans. I would like to know that when I pass away, my family could receive a marker that reflects both my status as a veteran as well as my religious beliefs. I understand that you cannot have emblems representing all religions. However, I see that over half are Christian emblems. Even Atheists has an emblem. It would seem fair to have at least one or more options for those veterans who are Wicca or even Pagan. I have no idea what it would take to have those emblems add, but I would be willing to help in what ever way I could.