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Take advantage of the offers available on the casino Park Lane

The Casino Park Lane takes the holidays very seriously. Indeed, even though most online casinos will announce that it is the holidays by offering special raffles or making temporary changes to the colors of the site, Park Lane him actually more. Not only this casino dress up every year its Web site with a theme that reflects the holiday periods, he also makes sure to offer some of the most exciting promotions of vacation, games theme and special gifts to celebrate every season.

Special holiday decorations

Just like a real casino, every holiday, Park Lane web designers decide to spruce up the home page of the casino. For example, they offer special decorations as the hats of Santa Claus, wreaths and Christmas trees on several pages of the website for Christmas. These decorations help to give a sense of celebration to the players, when they connect to play. These decorations are changing every season so that the players can be excited to discover décor that will adopt the casino at every holiday.

Games to theme

The Park Lane Casino like also develop special games dealing with holiday themes. The approach of Halloween, they usually offer the latest slot machine games on themes of horror and haunted house film. With their games special i-Slots, players can even experience a haunted history to actually incorporate the spirit of the season. The slots to Father Christmas theme to scratch Easter eggs theme cards, players will love discovering new ways to experience the different events of the year.

Holiday gifts

In addition, Park Lane likes to give gifts during the holidays. One of their Christmas promotions is to give €1,000 per day until the celebration of Christmas. Players that connect and play on Christmas day may benefit from a special package for a tropical destination, or even a Christmas of €25,000 bonus. With Park Lane Casino, the holidays are really rich in colors.

Other information

Online casino popularity growing over the years, thanks to the spread high-speed internet. In fact, for many people, the online casinos are more attractive to bettors than traditional casinos. This is also the case in France. For illustration, the French online casinos have only been legalized in May 2010 when the law of the french games has been approved, and at the time, the Government has implemented the ARJEL, an official body to regulate the industry. Already during the first month following the approval of the law, there was more than 1.2 million requests for licenses. Online casinos are very attractive because of the bonuses offered to new subscribers, and they offer also other promotions to existing members. VIP clubs are also available on many of these sites, giving their members more than bonus and benefits. Most of the players are more interested in poker, roulette, blackjack and slots slot, but there are also other attractive games for gamblers, like Video Poker.

There are 3 different licenses that casinos may request under the Act, including horse racing, sports betting and poker. Licenses are not provided by the Government for the paris Exchange and scattered paris, because it believes that these paris create addiction among players. Poker, however, was legalized because players can use skills and different strategies to win. However, even if lawmakers put restrictions on the line on Park Lane, they are not the only instruments of regulation. Indeed, the Government has also placed a 7.5% tax on horse racing and sports betting as well as a 2% tax on poker. There is also an effective collection of 8.5% on sports betting, and players can get a return of 85 percent on their bets. These restrictions have been applied to games bet in order to reduce the level of addiction. It is the duty of the Government to protect the players. This allowed France to be considered one of the casino markets online the most regulated in the world.