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Adopt a Pagan Soldier Program : Care Packages

Sending care packages and letters to service members can be exceptionally rewarding as well as fun and creative. As part of the Adopt a Pagan Soldier program, we ask that you write weekly letters as well as at least one care package a month if it is permissible to do so. This does not have to be an expensive chore. Remember that these service men and women may not have heard from their families or kinsmen for long periods of time. They may be shut off from the world and its activities. They may not have celebrated the Sabbats nor participated in rituals.

Due to the nature of the current war some service members have a more limited mail system and have a strict limit on what can be received.  In some instances they are still unable to send mail out.  To accommodate the fact that different areas of the world have varied limitation we have compiled three lists of instructions for mailing to your service members.  You may not know where your service member is deployed so it is best to follow the strictest rules until told otherwise.

When sending to ANY service member over-seas:
Do not put the name of the city or country on the outside of the envelope or package.   Do not put any symbols or well wishing on the outside of the envelope or package.   The outside of the package should only have the “to” address and a “from” address.

When sending to a service member deployed to the immediate ‘war on terrorism’ theater of operation:
Send letter class mail only, that is 13oz or less.  This is temporary and until a fully function mail system is established.  Do not send alcohol, pornography (anything with sexual or nude images or phrases), religious items, weapons, video tapes, or perishable items.

Finally, the last section is a suggestion list for items that are permitted and not permitted in most areas of operation and on ships.

Books               Music               Alter items(no weapons)    Crystals           Prayers      
Poems               Jewelry             Cultural items              Statues (non nude)     Pagan magazines

Mundane items like:                  

Letters               Pictures             Newspapers                 Cards               Stationary
Pictures colored by children         Flags                             Videos             Hand held games

Nonperishable items (candy, well persevered baked goods, chips, Oreos, popcorn)

Hygiene items (shaving cream, shampoo, scented oils, lotion)

Do not send:

Tobacco             Meat                 Coffee                           Weapons (including athames)
Drugs                  Fruits                Nudity                           Candles           Incense
Lewd materials, etc.

Remember that it usually take 8-10 days for items to reach their destination, not necessarily the service member. Be patient if you don’t hear back right away, they are in a very stressful and demanding situation, which requires a lot of attention. Your efforts are appreciated.