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Adopt a Pagan Soldier Program

Welcome to the Adopt a Pagan Soldier Program information site.  At the bottom of the page is a series of links that will provide you with most of the information you may be looking for.

On November 23, 2001 we sent out all of the service member information that we have to the various adopting groups and individuals.  First notice went out via e-mail with a letter arriving in the mail the week of November 26th.  Only 115 of the 1007 groups and individuals have been matched with a service member at this time, due to lack of service members being involved in the program.  To get the most out of the program we have sent each service member to 5 different adopting groups and individuals, doing the math shows that we only have 23 service members registered for the program.

If you know of a Pagan service member that is living over-seas, or currently deployed in the theater of operation for Operation Joint Forge, Operation Enduring Freedom, or any other military operation in places like the Middle East or the Balkins please either register them with us to be adopted or have them or their family contact us.  We have a lot of families in our program that want to adopt a soldier.

Due to the amazing response we have to limit the number of registrations to 1000 adopting groups and individuals, we reached 1001 around 5:00am October 9, 2001.  We have to do this for a verity a reasons including, manpower and financial limits.  While volunteers are easy to find, the funding is not.  If you feel that this program is important please feel free to donate a few dollars at 

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