Steps to clean your leather motorcycle jacket

To keep your leather jacket looking new, you must clean it regularly. Leather jackets, boots, suits, and trousers can be expensive. It is therefore important to take extra time and more energy to keep the clothing looking as new. Without proper care, high-quality leather clothes may start to crack and dry out. Do not let your jacket get to this point because the cleaning process is very easy. Regularly cleaned jackets are more supple, meaning it will be easy to wear and remove them. They will be more comfortable as well. Make sure to clean your leather jacket after three or four months. Read on to get the process of cleaning your motorcycle leather jacket

Process of cleaning a leather jacket

Initial cleaning

Before the actual cleaning start, locate a convenient place to hang your jacket. It is advisable to use a coat hanger and ensure that there is enough space. Kick off the cleaning process with a bowl or a basin of hot soapy water. The detergent used must be mild, avoid harsh detergents or washing liquids. A mild soap similar to shower gel will be the best. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the jacket down until it is sparkling clean.

Leave it to dry

After the jacket is clean and not a single trace of dirt is seen, leave it in an open place to dry. Avoid the temptation of using a hairdryer, tumble dryer or other heated appliances to speed things up. Heating leather clothes increase the risk of splitting, cracking or shrinking. Once the jacket is dry, you can now think of conditioning it. To note, make sure that the jacket is clean before moving to the conditioning stage.

Apply the conditioner

Use a high-quality leather conditioner that absorbs in the leather and gives long-term protection. Using a dry cloth or your hands, massage the conditioner all over the jacket. Concentrate more on the stitching areas and seams; they are prone to cracking and rotting in future. After you are satisfied that you have given the jacket a good coating, let it dry overnight. It might feel greasy in the first one hour, but with time, it will absorb and achieve an amazing look. The process is easy; you do not have a single reason for riding on a dirty jacket. Keep the notes above, follow the procedure step by step and keep your leather jacket looks amazing.