Save More on a Budget Trip by Following These Tips

Traveling is a part of human existence. An exaggerated statement, perhaps, but without knowing different places and cultures, a person can grow to be either a chauvinist or a pessimist.

Besides, nearly all places around the world are accessible and affordable by commercial planes these days. With clever tricks, you can travel on a budget and reach the furthest place you have never thought of before. Learn those tricks by reading the information below.

Picking the right suitcase

First thing first, you need to understand that even though you may be traveling on a budget, in terms of your traveling gears, you still need to have the best ones. Good quality traveling gears last for years and survive harsh treatment by the notorious luggage transfer officers.

SuitcaseIf you have been safe lately, and you have never experienced having your goods damaged during a plane transfer, you must realize that not all airports hire the best staff. Some of them are not going to be merciful enough with your belongings, especially when your destination is an exotic place with a small airport. You have to be prepared to face the worst situation.

The first feature you must look for in a luggage case is its durability. Samsonite designs are known for their invulnerability against shock but are prone to scratches. American Tourister Splash LTE can be the best option if you like to travel with large luggage, but the design might be less durable than Samsonite. The best suitcase, luggage brands of 2018 are various, and it gives you ranges of selection. Besides the practical quality, you should also pay attention to the model and how it fits with your traveling style.

Installing the right apps

These days, we are all counting on the Internet for ticket hunting. We can book a plane seat, hotel room, movie, and restaurant table from our phone.

Here is a list of the recommended travel apps:

  • Tripcoin

Tripcoin is the best app for expense tracking. It works with or without the Internet connection, so you do not need to worry if the next trip you are going to have is a getaway.

  • Kayak

Kayak provides scanning service for many travel needs, such as hotel, flights, and vehicles reservation. It also functions as your trip organizer.

  • PhoneCitymapper

Citymapper shows you the available public transportation and has the ride-share feature that can save you a lot of bucks.

  • Google Translate

Language is the key to survive. Install this app for basic language interactions, such as making a purchase, asking for a direction, and general help.

Portable power

Power BankBringing a portable power with you will save you the money and the time from having to seat in a cafe only for recharging your phone.

Anker and Aukey are two big names of phone power banks. And if you need to access your laptop on the go, Crave PowerPack CRVPP101, and DBPOWER 26400mAh Laptop Power Bank can be your reinforcement.