Oumier Wasp Nano as a preferable electronic cigarette

Oumier Wasp Nano is an electronic cigarette that is relatively small and measures 22.5mm by 22mm. They are usually packaged in small black presentation box bearing a Wasp Nano logo. Inside the box, they come included with a bottom feed bin for squonking, spare o-rings, a bag of organic cotton wick, spare post screws and a blue flathead screwdriver for the post screws. The black Wasp RDA comes in gold and silver colors.

The golden one has a real gold plate with a stainless steel while the silver one still has the original color having a002 stainless steel. If your mod is not the silver one, choose the golden one which is preferable and looks much better on mods. At the bottom of the building-deck, it’s engraved with the Wasp logo, clean, neat and plated with gold at the center. The center pin is designed with a protruding design, but it’s not spring loaded. It’s more advantageous in that, it’s more secure on hybrid mods and fits almost all mods of the RDA.

Airflow is found on the side of the building deck and should line up with both airflow holes when the Wasp is well designed. The airflow can be adjusted by rotating the top cap. It enables restricted lung-hit when fully open, and a lung-draw when closed with a fairly loose mouth. Some of the advantages that come with Oumier Wasp Nano as a preferable electronic cigarette are;


No ashtrays

Smoke that emanates from traditional cigarettes requires the use of ashtrays. The smoke that is emitted from electronic cigarettes is of water-based vapor that disperses within seconds. Having an electronic cigarette, one doesn’t have to worry about the use, purchase and the emptying of those unpleasant ashes. This habit increases cleanness and hygiene and reduces litter within or around the home if one is used to ashtrays being scattered all around. An electronic vaping device is a more flexible and cleaner way of enjoying nicotine.


Environmental friendly

003The use of traditional cigarettes is often a perpetrator of accidental fires that destroy properties, pollute the environment and endanger lives. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes are kinder to the environment by eliminating some of these risks. This is because electronic vapor devices do not require open flames in order to smoke them. They use eliquids that are not risky to the surrounding.


No smoke odor

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is annoying because of the smoky odor hence lingers everything from clothing to furniture. Electronic cigarettes do not emit that bothering smell. One may smell the sweet aroma of vanilla or strawberry e- liquids but the scent is not irritable.