My cell phone battery is always low

It is barely noon, and your phones battery indicator is already flashing yellow, and in no time it will be indication red to mean very low or dying battery. This a problem faced by, many cell phone owners with fault phone batteries. If you are familiar with what I am talking about, it is time to understand why you have been facing the same issue with all your phones. There are obvious reasons why your cell phone battery dies, they include, not charging your phone until it is charged fully, engaging in a four-hour call or streaming videos online. Read on to get more information about phone batteries and how to get rid of battery problems.

Dead batteries

Standard phone batteries are made of lithium-ion, most likely yours is made of the same. Lithium-ion batteries have a lifespan of about two to three years. This is so if you maintain to charge them twice or thrice in a day. If you notice that your phone is not charging to completion or is losing charge too fast, there must be another issue.

Common reasons to dying or dead cell phone battery

  • Many applications running at the same time
  • If your Bluetooth application remains On all day long.
  • Overcharging your phone
  • If you are using vibration settings for ringtones and alerts
  • If your screen brightness is too high
  • Extensive email activity or internet browsing
  • Letting the battery completely die before recharging
  • Extended roaming
  • Overexposure to moisture, heat or cold.

The list is endless.The above reasons are the common causes of a dying battery. If you are guilty of any, correct it and wait for a change. In addition to that, let your phone settle down in between usage or just decide to stop overusing the phone. Eliminate applications you do not use or no longer need them. Such applications not only consumes power but also fills in your storage. Many people tend to let their phones charge overnight. This is wrong; your phone should not be charged for more than 12 hours. Do not also let it dry completely before recharging. Replace your phone if there is a major malfunction or it is broken.

What do I do with a broken phone?

You can resale or recycle your broken phone; it does not need to go to waste. Profits from the old phone can be used to get a brand new one. Protect your new battery with the knowledge gained from the post above.