Choosing the best pop up canopy

A pop up canopy is considered to be a marvel of lightweight materials that delivers comfort anywhere you go. It does not matter whether you want to take your canopy to the flea market, tailgating, or to the beach, you will get an option to meet your needs. Nowadays, a pop up canopy is quite effective and affordable than ever with improvements in design and material. It is not advisable to purchase the one you get just off the shelf.

There are several things to consider when purchasing the best pop up canopy. The following are some of them:

Buying pop up canopy

Canopy material

canopy pop up 2662The material of your canopy is one of the important factors to consider. Modern fabrics are susceptible to various things such as water leaks and sun damage. The majority of canopies are either nylon or polyester. The fabrics are common for the outdoor applications. However, they are easily damaged by UV rays. It is advisable to look for canopies which are made of UV resistant fabric. It can also be coated with chemicals that are UV resistant. Canopies that are damaged by UV can become fragile and grayish.


Also, you need to consider waterproofness. Nylon is quite waterproof. Just like outdoor fabrics for clothing and tents, you can improve waterproofness on the pop up canopies. You can easily wash in durable water repellent to your canopy. Top load washers can damage waterproofing or fabric. It is acceptable to spray the coating. You can pitch the canopy and even spray these chemicals during a warm day outdoors.

Seam sealing

Pop up canopies are waterproof although they are not seam sealed. The fabric is waterproof in all cases. Stitched seams lack waterproof tape. It is easy to seam seal your pop up canopy by yourself. Usually, pop up canopy are sealed from the factory.

Canopy size

canopy 516 t2w56You just need to purchase a canopy that offers you adequate space to meet your needs. There are certain things to consider. The standard size is 10 X 10 foot for most flea markets. If you need a large one, you should go for a 12 foot. For the general use, it is better to go for a lightweight canopy. The truth is that large canopies are heavier and bulkier.

Frame material

The frame offers support for the whole structure. Frames are made of aluminum tubing with plastic caps and aluminum rivets.